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Professional Impostor?

What is a Professional Impostor? (expand for more)

No, we're not talking about successfully playing the role of "Impostor" in the game "Among Us". Nor are we talking about professional con artists like Frank Abagnale ("Catch Me If You Can").

Professional Impostors are not trying to deceive those they interact with. Rather, folks who identify as Professional Impostors are proud to share their journey with everyone around them, including and especially the stuff they don't know yet but are trying to get better at.

So why "impostor" (typically a negative term) instead of "amateur", "apprentice", "journeyman", etc? Because anyone who's felt impostor syndrome knows that our brain tricks us into believing we're barely fooling the experts around us—that we're actually not that skilled—and we fear being discovered for the fraud.

The best way to un-trick our brains out of this psychological fiction is to reclaim and redefine the term "impostor" into a badge we're each eager to wear and show off to others.

Instead of merely coping with the debilitation of this syndrome, professional impostorism is a positive identity we should strive towards.

Professional I'MPOSTOR Manifesto Link

If you believe "Professional Impostor" is an identity you hold (or want to!), please sign the Professional Impostor Manfiesto below, and make sure to tell those around you why you did!

I hereby publicly affirm my belief in the importance and merit of being a Professional Impostor and eagerly declare:

I'm proud that I'MPOSTOR.


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